HyunA Reveals That She Gives More Gifts To Her Fans Than To Dawn

There are also some people who try to take advantage of HyunA’s kindness.

HyunA and Dawn are one of the few idol couples who are open about their relationship, and there have been many moments where they’ve shown their heartwarming bond.

However, when it comes to gifts, Hyuna tends to give more gifts to her fans than to Dawn.

During an episode of Radio Star, HyunA revealed that she often gives gifts to her fans.

The cast members of the show were a little surprised by how generous HyunA is, as she has gifted things like padded jackets and cosmetic products.

When asked if she ever worries about going broke due to this, HyunA explained that she has the mindest of “Accept my gifts while I’m making money“.

HyunA has been active as an idol for over a decade and is still incredibly popular. HyunA believes that all of this is due to her fans, so she gives these gifts as a way of thanking them.

However, a drawback of HyunA’s generosity is that some people who aren’t her fans will pose as fans just to get gifts.

Thankfully, HyunA’s fans are able to detect people like this and tell her immediately.

Here’s the full video below!