Hyunah Confuses Foreign Fans with a Picture of “Candy”

“Just let her live her life!”

On February 7, Hyunah uploaded various photos of different candies to her official Instagram account.

For those who spent their childhood in Korea, they’re candy that can bring up good old memories.

But foreign fans who couldn’t read what was written on the packaging showed an unexpected response. They said the pink balls looked just like birth control pills and showed perplexed responses.

Many foreign fans agreed and said that’s what most people see it as. In response to the overwhelming confusion of foreign fans, Korean fans stepped up to clarify:

“To the foreign fans who think this is birth control! This is cola flavored candy that we used to eat a lot as a kid.”

It’s possible that fans were especially alert due to Hyunah’s relationship with E’Dawn.

Some fans responded by cheering them on to start a family or defending her saying that whether she takes birth control is none of their business.

In any case, they’re just candy, so it was nothing but a big misunderstanding.

The two stars recently left Cube Entertainment and joined PSY‘s P Nation, and plan to make a comeback together in the near future.

Source: Insight