Hyuna’s backup dancer is gaining attention for her amazing visuals

This backup dancer is gaining praise for her incredible skills and unbelievable visuals.

HyunaA‘s backup dancer Seulgi is the youngest dancer at CUBE Entertainment, and she has recently gotten quite popular for her amazing visuals during Hyuna’s “Red” promotions.

Seulgi has been gaining attention because her visuals are so on point, she could be the main act. She also is a fierce and powerful dancer – it’s hard not to notice her!

She has danced with HyunA several times, and each performance has been visually unique!

Check out moments Seulgi caught attention below: 

She is rocking that two piece!

She is incredibly fierce when dancing!

Seulgi has such amazing legs!

She looks intense and pretty at the same time!

Black hair suits her so well!

Her dance moves are flawless and smooth.