This Idol Broke An Apple In Half With His Bare Hands

In less than five seconds.

On a special episode of OMKalenKalen had a “Kultural Mukbang” where he tried some of Korea’s popular foods with ATEEZ as his guide.


Kalen had heard one of the members could break an apple with his bare hands, so he prepared one, that narrowly missed Seonghwa, and handed it over to the member in question.

So, he passed the apple to Jongho. And, he did exactly what was expected of him. He took the apple and split it in half with his bare hands in mere seconds. Although his members had seen him do it before, even they were surprised at his strength.

After the initial shock faded, they clapped to celebrate his accomplishment while others like Wooyoung and Jongho himself just laughed.

Mingi even joked that Jongho could break a watermelon with a single finger. With what he’d just seen, Kalen almost believed it.

Watch Jongho break the apple in half here and decide for yourself if Mingi’s joke was believable.