This Idol Does Not Look Like He’s Nearly 40 Years Old

This idol leader is so handsome and young looking, it’s shocking to believe he’s nearly 40 years old.

SECHSKIES‘s leader Eun Ji Won is 38 years old, but his looks say otherwise! As he grows older he seems only to look younger!  He is definitely lucky to have youthful genes.

The veteran idol group made their official comeback after a 16-year separation in late 2016. Only four months later on April 28, they released a 20th-anniversary album, with their official title track “Sad Song”. The song was both written and composed by

Everyone is excited about the return of SECHSKIES, and awed by their leader’s handsome features.

Check out photos of the soon to be 39-year-old group leader below. 

He has very smooth and clear skin.
Eun Ji Won is so handsome!
Eun Ji Won still has a very youthful and cool style. He’s proven that it’s cool, being cool doesn’t go away with age.
This hair style makes him appear even younger.
He may be turning 39 years old, but he certainly doesn’t show it. He still looks very young.