This idol got the perfect body by climbing mountains with her father

According to this idol, climbing mountains is good for more than just beautiful vistas, it helped her get her beautiful body.

Hello Venus‘s Nara recently appeared as a guest on the entertainment program, Baek Jong Won’s Three Great Kings, where she confirmed that climbing was actually responsible for helping her achieve her slim figure.

“First of all, I have to confess that I had been forced to climb once a week with my dad since I was a child. I was able to have unique ‘apple hips’ because of that.”

— Hello Venus’s Nara

The latest fitness trend in South Korea actually involves women pursuing a healthier and fitter image rather than just a sexy one and Nara’s confession plays right into that trend. The trend to focus on health first gave birth to the “apple hips” phenomenon in relation to maintaining a curvy but fit bottom, just like the shape of an apple.

Nara has hiking to thank for her fit physique.

During her time as a member of Hello Venus, Nara was not only recognized for her curves but also her athletic build.

Nara also confessed that not only was climbing responsible for her fitness, it was responsible for helping her shed a fair amount of weight.

“I was fatter when I was younger. I climbed mountains in order to lose weight.”

— Hello Venus’s Nara

Nara only has her father to thank for such an incredible body.

Now THAT’s a fit bod.

Source: Dispatch