Idol Hair Designer Reveals How To Get ITZY Lia’s Gorgeous Sparkly Hair

Anyone can make their hair look just as stunningly shiny as Lia’s with the proper tools.

When ITZY‘s Lia performs on stage, she’s blowing everyone away with more than her powerful vocals. To enhance her stunning visuals, she sometimes has hair so gorgeously shiny that it looks like its sparkling.

Since fans wanted to know the secret behind the look, one submitted the question to AYO‘s series Comment Defenders, where celebrity hair designers and makeup artists Shin Ae and Seo Yoon revealed tips from over fifteen years in the field. “How did you do this hair? This sparkly hair, did you use hair essence?

Keeping in line with the mystical theme of the question, Seo Yoon joked that it was due to the use of a magical item. “It’s a magic iron. You straighten it with a magic iron, then add some oily product.

The combination of the iron with the product produced a shiny look on the hair that’s enhances by all the stage lights.

Seo Yoon made everyone laugh by exaggerating, “It shines on the scalp area. Your hair looks sparkly on stage if you use a magic iron. It’ll make your hair all sparkly like this. Even dog hair is possible.

While some hairstyles by idols are hard to achieve because of the complicated techniques or pricy items, Lia’s was a look that anyone could recreate. All that’s needed is some product and the proper tool, “This is done by a straightener.

Watch Seo Yoon joke about how simple it was to make Lia’s healthy, long hair shine even brighter here.