Rookie Idol Shocks Fans By Pouring Water All Over Her Chest During Concert

Bambino’s Hadam proved her sexiness once more!

Bambino’s Hadam has done it again by testing the boundaries of sexiness in K-Pop… this time by pouring water all over her chest during a performance!

Fans watched as Hadam poured a water bottle over her chest, and continued to dance the rest of the performance with a wet top.

Her move was even coined the greatest fan service ever performed by a female idol group member.

Just an innovative woman who knows how to make her stage shine!

Even though this wasn’t the first provocative move made by Hadam, it definitely turned heads.

Hadam’s group Bambino is known for their provocative performances and are not shy of making provocative moves during performances.

A sexy goddess come to life!

Watch her sexy performance below: