Idol Soldiers Reveal What Life Is Really Like in the Korean Military

Currently serving idols opened up about what military is really like and what it means to them.

As cast members of the military musical, Shinheung Military Academy, Infinite‘s Sunggyu, Jo Kwon, and SHINee‘s Onew recently shared their honest thoughts on their experience in the Korean military with the Military Manpower Administration Magazine.

During the interview, the idols were asked what life is really like during their mandatory military service.

In response, Sunggyu opened up about how adjusting to the new routine was difficult at first, but that his experience was an idol trainee helped him get used to the different environment.

I entered the military last May, and I remember it being really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer. But once you get used to the training, you start appreciating the beauty of the mountains and clear air. Also, I have a lot of experiencing living in dorms as an idol trainee, and I think that’s been of big help to me here as well.

Jo Kwon shared similar thoughts and confessed that he needed some time to adjust to military life as well.

Since the military is full of all sorts of people under strict rules and regulations, all soldiers need time to adjust. For me, I’m a little bit older than the average soldier, so my stamina is not up to par, but I’m doing whatever I can to keep up.

On the other hand, SHINee‘s Onew shared that he’s doing quite well due to the structure that the military provides.

I live by the daily tasks that I’m given, but since we’re also given some free time of our own, I’m doing quite well compared to how I was doing in the midst of erratic routines in the outside society.

The military idols were then asked what the military meant to them, to which they compared it to growing pains, breathing, and the rainbow.

The military is like growing pains. It might be unfamiliar and hard to adjust to at first, but once you overcome the pain, you come out with a sense of responsibility and patience. I think once I enter the society again, I’ll be able to act with more maturity.

– Sunggyu

I think to me, it’s like breathing. I’m having a good time doing my best at the tasks that I’m given and going through daily routines with my fellow soldiers. I feel like this is kind of like a break from the hectic life I’ve lived so far.

– Onew

The military is like the rainbow. Men of all colors come together and become loyal to their duties. Just like how the beauty of rainbows come from how all sorts of different colors come together to shine brightly, I think military soldiers look their best when they come together as one and shine brightly together.

– Jo Kwon

All three idols thanked their friends, family, and fans for their support and promised to keep up their hard work in the military so that they can make everyone proud.

Source: MMA