This Idol Turned On His Internet Hotspot For His Fans During ISAC

How high do you think his phone bill will be?

SF9‘s Taeyang impressed fans with his charm when he opened his personal hotspot for fans who watched the filming of ISAC (Idols Sports Athletics Competition).

Fans were reportedly complaining that those who were using KT (a telecommunication company in Korea) were experiencing poor signal strength. Hearing this, the idol took it upon himself to open his hotspot for the fans to use.

How did fans get the answer? He used his iPad! He typed out his password and raised his iPad in the air so fans would be able to access the hotspot.

Fans were so touched by the idol’s actions, they made sure to thank him, with many saying they used the data well. Many are impressed with how Taeyang considered to do this for his fans, with some joking that his phone bill must be quite high considering that a lot of fans connected to his hotspot!

Source: Dispatch