6 Idols That Made Public Complaints Against Their Own Agency

YG, SM, and JYP were all called out by these idols.

Most celebrities feel cautious about saying negative things about their own agencies because it could either lead to controversy or an awkward relationship with their workplace. But some stars are gutsy enough to express their complaints either on social media or live television which even make the viewers feel refreshed.

Here are 6 stars who were brave enough to call out their own agencies in the past:

1. Yoo Byung Jae

At a press conference for JTBC’s Do the Right Thing, Yoo Byung Jae revealed, “This program was produced by YG. But there are people there who deserve to go to jail more than I do, so I don’t know why I’m the one going.

That’s not all. On an episode of MBC’s Radio Star, he said, “The world has gotten a lot better these days. Since there’s no one to diss, I’ll just diss my own company.” He then went on to diss YG by reenacting the process of how GD‘s controversial USB album was made.

2. EXID’s Solji

EXID once expressed their dissatisfaction with their agency’s inability to keep promises.

When EXID’s Solji returned after 2 years of recovery from hyperthyreosis, their agency promised to guarantee sufficient sleep for the sake of her health, but when she started getting 2 to 4 hours of sleep during EXID’s activities, Solji went on a radio show and said, “If you want to see us around for longer, please keep your promises.

3. Baek Yerin

Singer Baek Yerin expressed her complaint about her agency through her social media account.

On her Instagram, she made a post that read, “I wrote quite a few good songs, so I want to release an album already.” She went on to express her frustration by saying, “Many fans are waiting! But I find the adults here really funny and scary.

4. F.T. Island’s Honggi

F.T. Island‘s Honggi is famous for constantly expressing his dissatisfaction with his agency.

On an episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Honggi revealed that he once thought the cameras were off so he confessed that he had a girlfriend, but instead of protecting him, his agency used it against him.

Also, on an episode of KBS2’s Happy Together 3, Honggi came up with an acrostic poem that was along the lines of “Have you checked your contract with FNC Entertainment? You must read it until the very end.

5. SNSD’s Taeyeon

When SNSD‘s “I Got A Boy” MV surpassed 200 million views, Taeyeon expressed her joy with a post on her Instagram account along with the caption, “‘I Got A Boy’ surpassed 20 million views. Thank you to the staff, SNSD, and our fans. But isn’t SM happy? What are they doing right now?” and criticized SM’s lack of marketing efforts.

6. Eric Nam

In an Instagram post, Eric Nam wrote, “My company doesn’t respect me. I haven’t been hacked. This is the truth” and stirred up a controversy. In response, his agency stated, “There must have been a misunderstanding during his schedule adjustments. Everything’s resolved now.

In addition, Eric Nam expressed his discontent by saying he didn’t like interviewing other singers on MBC’s I Live Alone, and would rather make his own music.

Source: Insight