When An Idol Needs Condoms, This Is The Secret Method They Use

MBLAQ’s G.O revealed the secret to how idols buy their condoms on the adult talk show, JTBC‘s Witch Hunt.

Sung Shi Kyung, one of the MCs on the show asked G.O a hard question and brought up condoms and idols.

 “What do idols do when they are in need of condoms?”

— Sung Shi Kyung

G.O answered the question very calmly and wasn’t bothered about it at all.

 “We usually ask our friends or people around us to purchase the condoms for us.”

— G.O

Sung Si Kyung then directed a follow-up question to G.O’s groupmate, Mir.

“When was the first time you used a condom.”

— Sung Shi Kyung

The question was so sudden that Mir became flustered and failed to answer the question.

Regardless, through this broadcast, G.O indirectly revealed that some idols, including himself, needed condoms at some point during their idol career!

Watch the full clip of the revealing segment below.

Source: Sports Today