iKON’s Bobby Falls Off The Stage During A Concert, Fans Enraged At YG

iKON’s Bobby was almost injured while performing at Tokyo’s Makuhari Messe.

Bobby took a step on the stage toward what he thought was steady ground, but the stage-lift was lowered before Bobby was able to get on it.

Though Bobby wasn’t seriously injured, fans were furious at YG Entertainment for their lapse in stage safety.

The hashtag “#와이지_아이콘_보호해 (#YG_Protect_iKON)” started trending on Twitter soon after.


The anger has deeper roots than the recent accident — fans are criticizing the label for prior accidents also related to iKON.

Without official word from YG Entertainment, iKONIC has threatened to boycott all related merchandise once again.

YG Entertainment Responds To The Boycott By iKON Fans

As the fans continue to protest on various social media channels, YG Entertainment has yet to respond.