iKON’s “Love Scenario” Showed Up In The Last Place You’d Expect

It’s the unlikeliest place and fans couldn’t be happier!

From the very beginning, iKON‘s “Love Scenario” has been a major success. It topped charts, reached all-kill status, won a Gaon platinum certification for streaming, and even became Billboard Korea’s “Chart Topper” for the first half of 2018! And 9 months since the world was introduced to it, the song still remains as popular as ever and has even shown up in some of the unlikeliest places.


It all started when “Love Scenario” became a hit among elementary school children. Kids would use the song to help them learn Hangul and practice their writing.


Then the world found out that wasn’t the only thing kids were doing, they were singing and dancing along to the song too! It became a huge viral trend in South Korea.

Even Yang Hyun Suk posted a compilation video of the trend online!


It was so big that eventually, some elementary schools had to ban the song in the classroom because kids were singing it too much!

iKON’s “Love Scenario” Is So Popular Among Elementary Students, It’s Now Banned


But just because it was banned didn’t stop everyone from loving it. In fact, iKON even hosted a special sing-along event called “PiKONIC Day” for all their fans!


And while all of those events already show just how popular the song has been since it was released, it’s once again gained some major attention online for showing up in some very unique spots! Like a fitness class…


And even at a formal music event!


But perhaps the most surprising and unlikeliest of all is that “Love Scenario” is being performed at a church in South Korea! Although the rendition is a little bit different to fit the location, it’s still unmistakeably iKON’s hit song!


Many fans are pleasantly shocked by just how much influence the song has and can’t stop sharing their delight on Twitter.


“Love Scenario” truly is a classic that has captured the hearts of many. Give it another listen below!