iKON Performed With Only One Microphone When All The Others Broke

True professionalism.

iKON recently performed in a festival in Myongi University. While performing, fans noticed that they were only using one microphone and passing it to one another when it was their turn to sing.

While performing “Dumb & Dumber”, their mics stopped working in the middle of the song except for one. The boys can be seen confused and ask the song to be stopped since only one mic was still working.

The boys can be seen yelling at the crowd that they would restart the song since their microphones don’t work and tried to hype them up again.

They appear to be talking to the production staff for awhile but nothing seems to be happening. They try to interact with the fans first. iKON can be seen handing things out to the fans as well as taking pictures with them.

In the end, they end up performing with just one microphone. They can be seen staying close to each other at the stage to be able to pass the mics to one another.

While performing, the music would also abruptly stop and play. The boys continue to perform despite that.

When it was time for them to leave, Bobby can be seen yelling that they had to go without a microphone. They bowed to the fans and waved while leaving. Many fans were upset with the technical difficulties but loved how well iKON handled it.

Before the festival, students were originally boycotting the inclusion of iKON performing for their school festival. The main reason they cited was due to their affiliation with YG Entertainment and in turn, the Burning Sun scandals.

The Student Union of the school addressed this, however, saying,

We selected artists who can liven up the atmosphere of the festival so that everyone can have a good time. We do not have any intention to sympathize with the issues concerned.

Watch their whole performance (including the technical difficulties) here:

Source: Naver and Wik