iKON Used To Have No Power Over Their SNS Accounts… Now YG Trusts Them 

Yang Hyun Suk lets them control their own SNS now.

In a surprise revelation, iKON confessed that they used to ask for Yang Hyun Suk for every post on their SNS personal accounts. 


The members, recently, activated their own accounts to interact with their fans, knowing full well that the era of promoting is with SNS. 


For the members, it was a tool to reveal aspects of their daily lives and at the same time use it to make announcements for the group. 

“At first, we have to get permission from Yang Hyun Suk to post. Since time has passed and there had not been in accident, we are free to post things we want to upload.” 


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It was also within the same interview where the members talked about their hidden joke about their leader, B.I. It was apparent that he has followed the traditions amongst other group leaders that do not follow a single account on Instagram. 

iKON’s B.I Doesn’t Follow His Members On Instagram Because Of This Reason


But claims that it was not his intention at all… 


We forgive you, B.I. Happy SNS-ing everyone!