This Female Idol Had to Work at an Indoor Fishing Spot After Her Girl Group Disbanded

Fishing has become her hobby now.

Former Stellar member and current solo artist, Soyoung recently spoke at a showcase for her first digital single, “Breath” where she confessed that she worked at an indoor fishing spot following Stellar’s disbandment.

On this day, Soyoung expressed her wishes to star in variety shows such as Superman Returns and The Fishermen and the City.

She added, “My hobby is fishing. I once caught a huge Yellow Tail in Jejudo. I worked at an indoor fishing spot during my break period, and that naturally turned into a hobby of mine.

Soyoung expressed, “The news of Stellar’s disbandment was so sudden that I had a hard time. I traveled and finished a lot during my break, but I didn’t want to give up on singing and dancing, so I continued to practice.

Following Stellar’s disbandment in 2018, Soyoung signed with WK ENM Entertainment and debuted as a solo artist.

Source: Dispatch and Univ20