INFINITE Thanks Fans With Heartfelt Messages And Hilarious Instagram Interactions For Their 10th Anniversary

Congrats to INFINITE!

Boy group INFINITE, from Woollim Entertainment, has reached their ten year anniversary since their debut in 2010. To thank all their fans for the past ten years, each of the members posted a heartfelt message to Inspirits for sticking by them all this time.

The members were also seen interacting with one another under each of their posts, congratulating each other for a ten years well spent.

“It’s our ten year anniversary. Thanks and thanks again to our Inspirits.”

“Tomorrow is our ten year anniversary! Thank you to our Inspirits and INFINITE for being with me throughout my twenties. Stay healthy and don’t be sick until we meet again.”

“Thank you to Woollim Entertainment and our INFINITE members for being together these past ten years. I love you a lot Inspirits.”

“Thank you so so much I love you. Infinite I love You Inspirit I love you”

“Hello Inspirits this is the maknae Songjong. Finally finally it is our ten year anniversary! There have been only happy things these past ten years. I miss our Inspirits so much and I can’t wait to see you all soon. Until we can meet again, please wait just a little bit more for us. I can’t live without Inspirits. Congrats again for ten years. I love you.”

While Dongwoo, who is currently in the military, hasn’t posted anything on Instagram yet, he recorded a message along with the rest of the members. Check this English subbed video below!