INFINITE Can’t Stop Trolling Each Other Because That’s Just How The Team Works

It has become a form of displaying their endless affection.

When INFINITE‘s L posted a picture of himself looking good in the autumn sun, fans got busy marveling over the visual explosion…


… but fellow teammate Woohyun had something else to say! He did not hesitate a single second before he trolled L in the comments. Woohyun proceeded to make fun of the mask L was wearing…

Wearing that mask on your chin is kind of…;;; Every time too…;;; Kek.

— Woohyun


… only to copy the exact style down to a T later, in his own Instagram post! Woohyun posted a selfie, wearing a mask on his chin too. In the caption, Woohyun wrote, “Mask, kek;;;” to hint at the fact that the trolling is not, and probably never will be, over!

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D-6 마스크 켘;;

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This is not the first time INFINITE members opted for trolling to display of their affection for each other. It seems the boy group has accepted “trolling” as their own way of boasting their unshaken brotherhood! In the past, Woohyun trolled Sunggyu the same way too! Last year, under Sunggyu’s Instagram post about his solo album, Woohyun left a similar comment:

That hand in your pocket is kind of…;;;;

— Woohyun


Sunggyu was witty to serve it right back at Woohyun, when Woohyun posted a picture tagged #ActingCool and #VibeKing:

That hand in your pocket is kind of ;;

— Sunggyu


While it seems like Woohyun and Sunggyu are masters at this, the trolling game actually runs strong among all the members. When Dongwoo posted a picture of himself with Sunggyu…

I missed out on seeing Sunggyu for three times because of work, but I finally got to see him today! He still got class. I had a blast on my way home. Inspirits must be super happy to have a leader like him!

— Dongwoo


Sassy Sungyeol did not miss the opportunity to poke fun at the drastic hair length differences!

Did you take all of Sunggyu-hyung‘s hair…?

— Sungyeol


And here’s a time when Sunggyu endearingly trolled Sungjong for posting a dreamy cotton-candy selfie:

Sungjong: Like it?
Sunggyu : Like it!


INFINITE fans can’t help but crack up at how peculiar this form of lovin’ works for the members. The more they troll each other, the deeper their brotherhood grows! In which case, fans look forward to watching them savagely troll each other for years and years to come.