INFINITE Are The Kings Of Fan Service Even While They’re Away In The Military

It’s making the fans miss them even more!

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu, Sungyeol, and Dongwoo are currently serving their military duties and away from the group, but Koreans have been sharing some endearing encounters with these members, proving they are still the kings of “fan service”!


Sunggyu, who first enlisted in the army back in May 2018, was recently spotted at a cafe, dressed in his military uniform and rocking the style too. A 9-years-loyal fan was blessed to meet him in person and the story behind how she met her absolute bias is melting INSPIRITs’ hearts.

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내가 9년차 성덕이 되다니 지금 죽어도 여한이 없다 너무 행복하다 사랑합니다…❤ 몇시간 전까지 있던 카페에 성규 왔다 한마디 듣고 바로 튀어갔다…보자마자 실물 진짜 기절할뻔 했다 진짜 알려주신 팀언니들 9년차 팬온다고 얘기해준 막내 그걸 또 기다려준 우리 성규오빠ㅠㅠ 진짜 지금 죽어도 좋다… 너무 고맙고 기다리게해서 죄송하고 사랑해요 얘기 많이 못한게 속상하고 아쉽다ㅠㅠ 마지막 나갈때까지 인사해주셔서 감사합니다 사랑해요 아프지마시고 다치지마시고 건강하게 군복무 마무리 하시기를ㅠㅠ 진짜 사랑합니다❤ 언니들 막내 쏴 덕분에 겨우 만났다 진짜 다들 감사해요 내 인생 최고의 날이다…❤ . . . . #운동선수 #운동하는여자 #일상 #힐링 #행복 #강원도 #고성 #테일카페 #인피니트 #김성규 #성규 #9년차 #9년차성덕 #성덕 #사랑해요 #성규야 #성규야_언제나_네곁에 #성규야_언제나_네곁에 #규야 #성규오빠

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This fan shared pictures of her and Sunggyu on her Instagram and wrote, “Today was the best day of my life.” In the pictures, Sunggyu is spotted sweetly smiling in to the camera and even hugging the fan like he’s at a one-on-one fan meeting! INSPIRITs are touched by Sunggyu’s heartwarming actions, as described in the fan’s caption, like waiting by to meet the fan before he leaves.

I’ve been blessed after stanning them for 9 years, I’m so happy. I could drop dead right now. I love them so much. I was at this cafe a couple hours earlier, but I heard Sunggyu came by so I ran back. I almost passed out when I saw him in real life. I am so grateful for my teammates who let me know that he came. And for the maknae who told Sunggyu about me being his fan for 9 years… and for Sunggyu who waited for me after hearing that I’m on my way to see him T-T I honestly don’t mind dying now… Thank you so much Sunggyu, and sorry for making you wait. I love you. It sucks we couldn’t talk long, but I’m so blessed. Thank you for saying bye on your way out too. I seriously love you so much. Please don’t get hurt while in the military. I wish you the best of luck in finishing your service T-T I LOVE YOU!

— Sunggyu’s Fan


Meanwhile, Sungyeol, who enlisted in the army in March 2019, is reaching out to his fans in handwritten letters. In this letter, tweeted by his fan, Sungyeol pointed out that he is receiving the letters fans are sending to him at the military base.


Sungyeol explained that he really wants to write back to all the INSPIRITs who are writing to him, but he can’t seem to find the time. Sungyeol’s heartfelt apology for not being able to respond to every single letter is making fans UWU at what a softie he is!

All the letters I’ve gotten from INSPIRITS so far… I want to write back to all of them, but I don’t have a lot of free time here. So most of them didn’t receive a response… Please tell them I’m so sorry.

— Sungyeol


Last, but not least, Dongwoo is also winning at fan service by being the most friendly neighborhood K-Pop star. Dongwoo, who left to serve his military duty in April 2019, was spotted out and about on his vacation. He then posed for pictures with a fan who recognized him and even hung around to engage in a casual, personal conversation about how he’s doing in the military!

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역시 한류 스타 ! 인기아이돌 ' 인피니트 ' 동우 길가다가 마주쳐서 사진 부탁했는데 매너 정말 좋더라 내가 ' 안녕하세요 혹시 사진은 안되죠? ' 하니까 흔쾌히 찍어도 된다고 하시구 올리면 안되죠? 하니까 올려도 된다구 해주고 사진 몇번이구 흔들렸는데도 계속 다시 찍어주시고~~ 감사하다구 복받으시라구 나한테 말하구 세계적인 인기 스타는 다 이유가 있어 휴가 중 이라구 몇마디 나누고 내가 닥은 못사주고 바나나우유 하나 사주고 옴 ㅋㅋㅋ 군복무 잘하시구 멋지게 건강하게 전역하세요~^^ 감사합니다 인피니트 동우~^^ . . . #인피니트 #동우 #인피니트동우 #내꺼하자 #데스티니 #남자가사랑할때 #스피닝강사 #필쌤 #동우매너짱 #한류스타 #군복무잘하시구 #멋진남자

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The fan explained in the caption of his Instagram upload, “Dongwoo had the best manners ever… There is a reason he’s a globally beloved star!” According to the fan, Dongwoo happily agreed to snap a picture with his fan, posed for several until the fan got what he wanted, and didn’t mind that the fan shared it on social media!

What a superstar! This is K-Pop idol INFINITE’s Dongwoo. I ran into him on the street and asked for a picture – and he had the best manners ever. I asked, ‘Hi, I wouldn’t be able to grab a picture with you, right?’ but he happily agreed to pose with me. I asked if it would be okay to share online and he didn’t mind that either. The picture kept coming out blurry, so I asked him to pose multiple times but he was fine with that too. He thanked me and blessed me. There’s a reason he’s a globally beloved star! He told me he’s on vacation. We talked for a bit… I couldn’t buy him chicken, but I got to get him this banana milk drink. Good luck on the rest of your service, Dongwoo! Thank you!

— Dongwoo’s Fan


These brief but invaluable moments that the fans have shared with INFINITE members are leaving the rest of INSPIRITs falling in love with the group all over again! Sunggyu, Sungyeol, and Dongwoo are scheduled to be released from the military all in 2020, and fans can’t wait for their return to the K-Pop scene.