INFINITE’s Sunggyu Shares Advice To Fans, And Encourages Them To Love Themselves

Sunggyu has a heart of gold!

As of June 2020, INFINITE is a senior group with around 10 years of experience under their belt, and as the leader, Sunggyu is a wealth of knowledge about the trials and tribulations of life!

Sunggyu once recorded a campaign message for SBS radio where he shared a bit of his wisdom, and his sincerity and honesty for the welfare of his fans and listeners touched their hearts immensely!

He began his message by talking about how people tend to focus their concerns on the well-being of those around them, often not leaving enough concern for themselves. He establishes that taking care of others is fine, but taking care of yourselves should be your first priority, no matter what.

Hello everyone, this is Sunggyu.

There are a lot of times that we understand other people but don’t take time to look after ourselves. We don’t give ourselves the support and love that we send to our friends. The person that needs the most love and support is you.



He continues to say that even though humans might be full of flaws and far from perfection, learning to love yourselves for you are is very important to be happy.

Even though we may not be perfect, we have to learn how to love ourselves for the way we are. We should be able to ask ourselves what it is that we like and what our dreams are. If we listen to the voice of our heart, there will be more opportunities for us to be happy.

Wouldn’t that make us a precious person to ourselves?

This has been Sunggyu.


This is not the first time Sunggyu has given strength and love to others! In 2015, Sunggyu met up with a fan who was in her 70s and suffering from cancer.

Thanks to the love and strength that Sunggyu gave to the fan through the meeting, she made a full recovery and her son made a video on the story in order to encourage everyone to always have and follow your passion, no matter what your age and circumstances are!

You can watch the video here!