INFINITE’s Woohyun Had The Cutest Reaction To A Fan Dead Set On Marrying Him

“Let’s hold off for three months…”

With INFINITE‘s Woohyun off to serve his military duty as of October 24, 2019, fans are counting down the days by watching his past performances and fan meeting videos. And while doing so, they came across a moment at his most recent fan meeting, when Woohyun gave his 19-year-old fan an unforgettable memory.


As part of all the fun activities planned for the fan meeting, Woohyun decided to take some time to answer questions from fans. He then came across one of the most bold questions ever.

How does one marry a young and rich, tall and handsome, sweet guy like Woohyun?



Woohyun seemed flustered by the frank and straight-forward question, but he proceeded to find out who had their whole wedding in mind. It turned out to be a teenaged student asking for Woohyun’s hand in marriage. Woohyun’s shocked reaction had fans rolling on the floor laughing:

Woohyun: How old are you?
INSPIRIT: Nineteen.
Woohyun: Oh boy, I don’t think this is something I can answer.
INSPIRIT: But I love you!


As Woohyun hesitated, the eager INSPIRIT kept pushing for his answer. She playfully announced that she’ll be “of age” in a couple months…

I’m a minor for only a couple more months…!



… and Woohyun couldn’t keep a straight face!

Are… are you serious right now… by any chance…?

— Woohyun


The lovestruck INSPIRIT continued to insist that they get married, while Woohyun continued to avoid giving her any dangerous ideas. Other INSPIRITS couldn’t stop laughing at this most awkward, but the most adorable interaction between an underaged-INSPIRIT and a nervous Woohyun.

INSPIRIT: Let’s get married.
Woohyun: I’ve… never been proposed to before… Let’s hold off for three months…
INSPIRIT: Then I’ll come find you.
Woohyun: (!?)
INSPIRIT: I’m going to bring you home on my back.
Woohyun: On your back? But I’ve… I’ve gained some weight… I’m heavy.


In the end, Woohyun told the hopelessly romantic INSPIRIT that he loves her too. She asked him to “wait for her”, to which he responded, “You’ll have to wait for me.” This hinted at Woohyun’s upcoming enlistment, and while fans hated to admit that they’ll be losing Woohyun to the military for a while, they appreciated his attempt to leave them with such a sweet memory!

INSPIRIT: You have to wait for me, okay?
Woohyun: Well, no… You might have to wait for me…


Watch the young-and-rich, tall-and-handsome, Sweet-guy-Woohyun’s moment here: