Infinite’s Woohyun Gained so Many Fanboys in the Military That He Even Holds Unofficial Fan Signings

Woohyun’s a total superstar in the military.

Infinite‘s Nam Woohyun is currently serving in the military, but recent sightings are assuring fans that he’s adjusting so well that he even gained enough fanboys to hold unofficial fan signings.


A teacher at the Military Manpower Administration recently met Woohyun during a lecture, and he definitely didn’t hold in his inner fanboy.

He posted multiple selfies with Woohyun on his blog…

And even revealed the mini fan signing Woohyun held with the other members of the class.

Not only did Woohyun provide autographs, but he also offered fan service such as taking selfies with his new fans.

And that’s not all. One fellow soldier shared his interaction with Woohyun and called him an absolute superstar.

He bought be a drink just because we played soccer together. I waited an hour just to get his autograph. He’s an absolute superstar…

– Fellow Soldier

Another new fan also shared a selfie, announcing that he is now a fan of Woohyun.

Wow… I’m so touched. I’m your fan from now on, Hyung.

– Fellow Soldier

Woohyun may be serving in the military right now, but his star power never ceases to rest!


Source: Naver