INFINITE’s Woohyun gets angry at MC after being told he can’t take selfies with fans

During INFINITE’s recent fan meet, Woohyun argued with the MC and audience when he was not allowed to take a picture with his fan onstage.

The incident occurred when a few lucky fans were invited onstage to play a game with the INFINITE members. Each fan was paired up with a member of INFINITE, and whoever won would get to take a polaroid photo with their partner.

After choosing the winners, the MC instructed the members who did not win to send their fans back to their seats. Woohyun was clearly not happy with the outcome and requested that all of the fans onstage receive a polaroid with their partner, regardless if they had won.

The MC replied, saying according to the rules only the members who won the game would take polaroids. This explanation just seemed to upset Woohyun more.

“Who made up those rules? This is our fanmeet, we make the rules. We’ll be taking the pictures, let’s take the polaroids. I’m serious.”

— INFINITE’s Woohyun

The MC decided to turn to the audience for their opinion and asked if the fans on stage should be allowed to take polaroids with the members, even though they did not win the game. Some audience members said yes, but most said no.

Woohyun responded jokingly by asking the audience members if they were jealous of the fans onstage, then once again declared he was going to take a picture with his partner anyway.

In the end, the rules were changed so that all of the fans on stage got to take a polaroid with the INFINITE member they were paired with, whether they won or lost. Clearly Woohyun always wants to put his fans first!

Check out the video below, beginning at 4:10!