INFINITE’s Sunggyu Talks About His New Album, Working With IZ*ONE’s Eunbi, And More

It is an album full of heart!

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu has just released his latest solo album, Won’t Forget You, with the title track “HUSH.”

| Woollim Entertainment

Talking to Newsen, Sunggyu spoke about his feelings ahead of the album’s release. He explained that even though there are three songs in the album, he has affection for all of them! 

They all have different vibes so I can’t choose just one.

— Sunggyu

Although this album is not his first solo release, Sunggyu explained that his desire to keep getting better was the most important part about working on the album!

Every time I work on a new album, I want to be able to show improvement and growth every time. For this album, I did my best to become a singer that people will anticipate and look forward to in the future.

— Sunggyu

Kim Jong Wan from Nell was in charge of writing, composing, and producing all the album tracks. Sunggyu has worked with Kim Jong Wan in the past and explained that it was an honor to work with him again.

He is the artist that gave me the dream of becoming a singer. To work with Jong Wan is always happy and enjoyable.

— Sunggyu

| Woollim Entertainment

The title track for this album is “HUSH,” and Sunggyu said that his favorite line from the song was “We can’t hear each other’s heart beat.” When asked why, he explained, “There are times when you know something, even without saying anything!”

The music video for “HUSH” features IZ*ONE’s Eunbi. Sunggyu revealed what it was like working with someone he has known for a long time.

It wasn’t easy to act at first. I am thankful to Eunbi for taking time to participate in the music video amidst her busy schedule.

— Sunggyu

| Woollim Entertainment

Sunggyu has been part of INFINITE for over ten years! With so many memories over the past few years, Sunggyu recalled that the one moment that he will never forget is the day of their first concert.

I was really nervous that day but also happy that I would be able to show a lot of different stages for the fans. It will be a moment that I will never forget.

— Sunggyu

After choosing not to resign with Woollim Entertainment, this will be his last release with the company. He has mixed feelings and said, “It feels refreshing, but I am also a bit bummed about it.”

Sunggyu has been with Woollim Entertainment for more than ten years, and he is extremely thankful to everyone at the company and hopes he will still see them in the future.

At the end of the interview, Sunggyu thanked his fans for everything they have done for him since his debut!

I hope everyone takes good care of their health and has only happy things happen to them. And thank you so much for waiting and sticking by me for such a long time. Let’s continue to stay strong!

— Sunggyu

You can watch the video for Sunggyu’s new song “HUSH” below!

Source: Naver