INFINITE’s Sungjong Shows You How To Eat BBQ’d Bat

Most idols appear on variety shows and other programs to do everyday regular activities, but INFINITE‘s Sungjong is not just any idol!

There’s some pretty unique food that you can find around the world but barbecued bat definitely takes the cake. SBS‘ Law of the Jungle is a reality show where idols have to learn how to survive out in the wilderness. It’s not exactly like Survivor, but it’s as close as these idols will get to a survival program!

In one episode, Sungjong learned how to make baskets, pick coconuts, and learn the local Tonga‘s traditional dance. The best part came at the end when he was given a barbecued bat for dinner!

Sungjong eating a barbecued bat.

Sungjong was excited about tasting such an exotic animal and couldn’t wait to take the first bite. Bat meat smells pretty unique and tastes very gamey, but it looked like Sungjong enjoyed the meal!


Check out the clip of Sungjong on Law of the Jungle below!