This Streamer Tried Japan’s Tsundere Pizza And This Was The Result

She tried it so you don’t have to.

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, then you may have heard about Japan’s newest famous (or should we say infamous) creation: the tsundere pizza.

tsundere, for those not in the know, is a portmanteau of the term “tsun tsun“, which means to turn away in disgust, and “dere dere“, which means being lovey-dovey. A tsundere person is someone who is someone who is cold or rude but will show a softer, warmer side as time progresses.

If you had your doubts about whether this monstrousity—er, creative food innovation—actually existed, rest assured it’s real. Dominos Japan even posted a Tweet about it, complete with video proving its existence! A medium pizza is ¥2,800+tax (roughly $26.19 USD), so for less than $30, you could have the whole tsundere experience!

You might think this jalapeno loaded pizza would be a scorcher, but the cheese coating keeps the flavor nice and mild. This pizza is 4 Happy range.

—Dominos Japan

YouTuber akidearest, whose channel boasts over 2 million subscribers,decided to give the pizza a try, even though she admitted she doesn’t handle spice well. One of her friends even brought three cartons of milk, just in case it was too much for them to handle.

The first step was for them to order the pizza. The cost of two large pizzas came out to ¥7,236 (about $68.11 USD).

That’s the most I have ever bought pizza. Oh my god.


The pizza arrived fresh and hot.

The moment came for the big reveal and it was just as horrif—ahem, amazing—as you might have expected it to be!

Almost immediately after the box was opened, she started groaning and the camera panned up to reveal her pinching her nose before she ran out of the room.

I don’t think I can eat that, but we’re going to have to.


After picking what appeared to be one of the smaller slices, she gathered any escaped jalapeno pieces and put them back on her pizza.

I’m so bad with spicy food, dude.


After taking her first bite, she seemed almost pensive as she waited for the pain to happen.

It’s not like I like it spicy! B-baka!


When her friends asked her what she thought of it, she didn’t hesitate to share her honest feelings, declaring, “It’s so spicy! I don’t like it! I need milk!”

As she stared at the glass of milk next to her, she wondered out loud if putting milk directly on the pizza would cancel out the spice.

Spoiler alert: The milk did not cancel out the spiciness of the jalapenos.

Her friend observed that it was never likely to work because there’s cheese on the pizza, which is basically the same thing. After taking the milk-coated bite, she amended her previous statement by saying, “They’re way too spicy. They’re not good. It is painful.”

So, there you have it. With or without the optional milk topping, the tsundere pizza is not recommended except perhaps for the novelty of saying you ordered it.