Here’s What The Inside Of A Korean Women’s University Dorm Looks Like

Take a look inside this all-female dorm room!

Ewha Women’s University is one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea, and its dorms are just as modern, stylish, and awesome as you might expect!


Recently, pictures of one of the dorms’ interiors have been circulating around the internet, and netizens are jealous of its modern beauty!

Dorm room space for 2 people includes two twin size beds, two desks, storage space, and bathroom!


These rooms are better and cleaner than some hotels in Seoul!

Dorm room space for 3-4 people sharing a living space.


Dorm rooms come with a fully loaded kitchen, decorated in the simplest-yet-cutest appliances!

There’s also a refrigerator that comes with the room.


Each student gets a bed, desk, and closet of her own.


The living room for single occupancy is more spacious than most studios in Seoul!


And let’s not forget the dorm cafeteria that serves restaurant-quality food at the fraction of a cost!

Meal bundles can be bought at 50 meals at 3,100 (roughly $3 USD) won per meal, 40 meals at 3,500 won per meal, 30 meals at 3,800 per meal.


Netizens have commented expressing only jealousy!


A single room is only 1,400,000 won for a semester (~$1,300 USD). Having a roommate drops rent dramatically: those who stay in two-person dorm rooms pay only 1,200,000 won for the term, with those who stay in three- or four-person rooms pay only 1,000,000 won.


Shared common space for floormates to hang out together.

Loaded sleek kitchen so friends can hang out and cook meals together.


High tech washing machines for those late night loads.


Given the high cost of housing in Seoul, combined with the amazing amenities, it’s no wonder that spaces are limited.

Source: Instiz