Insider Leaves Important Warning Message For Fans Of “Goblin”

The end of the most beloved television series, Goblin, has saddened many fans but many sneaky enterprises are seeking to make illegal profit from the drama series.

Even though the series has ended, tvN‘s Goblin has been attracting avid fans not only in South Korea, but all over the world; in particular, China and the United States.

The international popularity of the show was reaffirmed when unofficial foreign Goblin merchandise sites started popping up at an alarming rate.

According to insiders, these sites are selling counterfeit photos, postcards, customized t-shirts, and mugs with Goblin characters or scenes printed on them. The inside source stated that forged autographs of the main male lead, Gong Yoo is being traded at high prices.

Goblin was indeed one of the most popular Korean drama series to date, with viewer ratings surpassing 20 percent, and it is evident from these unofficial merchandise sites that the magic of Goblin has not yet subsided.

Source: TV Report