I.O.I dirty dance and twerk to Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle Wiggle”

An old clip of IOI’s showcase from last year has resurfaced because of a short scene when the girls were seen sexy dancing, and twerking to “Wiggle Wiggle”.

In one stage performance during their first group, members Chungha and Sejeong  showed off their sexy side. In fact, when American singer Jason Derulo‘s hit song “Wiggle Wiggle” unexpectedly played, the girls couldn’t help but suddenly go into a dance break, rolling their hips and changing the groups’ atmosphere instantly, with Chungha and Sejeong briefly sharing an intimate, yet comical moment together.

While all of the members showed off their best “wiggle” moves, fans couldn’t help but notice the two girls dancing together, and this video clip of them spread like wildfire online.

If you haven’t seen I.O.I’s debut song “Dream Girls” yet, be sure to check out out!