I.O.I’s Kim Sohye Follows Somi’s Lead And Also Chops Off Her Hair For The Summer

Sohye looks all grown-up with her mature new hairstyle!

Jeon Somi‘s short new hairdo seems to be starting a trend within the I.O.I members, because Kim Sohye just cut her hair too!


Lately, Sohye’s hair has been long and light brown, but now she has embraced a much darker and shorter bob style.


Sohye said goodbye to her girlish pigtails…


…sweet braids…


…and soft, beach waves.


Her new style is short, sassy, and chic!


Sohye has embraced a more mature, womanly look, whereas her previous hairstyles emphasized her youth and purity.


However, she has kept one part of her former look – her wispy fringe!


Long or short, light or dark, Sohye looks gorgeous in every hairstyle!