Irene Read A Letter For Her Mom On Television… Everyone wanted to call their moms afterwards

On the November 22 edition of JTBC’s Give Me a Meal, Red Velvet’s Irene and her partner Lee Kyung Kyu visited a flat in Seoul where they asked for a homemade hearty meal.

While visiting a home, Irene and the homeowner chattered about the challenges of living far away from home at such young age.

“When you live far away from home, You miss her nagging, You even miss her asking for tedious favors because when you live apart, she will stop asking for those favors.

She thinks that it would be a burden to even ask you when you visit home for short period of time.”

— Red Velvet’s Irene

With main panel Lee Kyung Kyu’s encouragement, Irene and the owner sent a video message to her mother.

“I call you often but I am so cold and short with you on the phone, and I always regret it after the phone call, thinking that I could be warmer …”

— Red Velvet’s Irene


She felt guilty for not showing enough affection towards her mother and became too emotional to finish the message, shedding tears.

Red Velvet fans are feeling her sorrow and want to cheer her up!

They can relate to Irene’s sincere heartfelt message to her mother, whom she cannot visit as often as she wants to.

Although Irene is like a mother-figure to the fellow Red Velvet members, she herself is still a young lady who misses her mother’s home-cooking.

Check out the full clip of Irene’s emotional message to her mother below: 

Source: Naver