ITZY’s Chaeryeong’s Unexpected Action Has Fans UWU-ing Hard

Fans are falling deeper in love with Chaeryeong!

ITZY members got to interact with their fans at the Show! Music Core mini fan meeting. Fans had a blast spending quality time with the members and learning more about each member’s personality.

At this very fan meeting, ITZY’s Chaeryeong got a chance to show off her personality…

… that is extra polite and nice to literally everyone she meets!

When asked to show three kinds of “aegyo” she can do, Chaeryeong posed for her fans.

For her last pose, Chaeryeong turned her back to the fans to prepare something mysterious…

But when her eyes locked with a random truck driver and passenger though, she immediately bowed to say hello! Notice how the rest of ITZY members also bow, without realizing to whom Chaeryeong is saying hello.

Fans are having a good laugh at just how extremely polite Chaeryeong and the other ITZY girls are.

Watch the full clip below: