Even Park Jin Young Was Shy Around ITZY During The Appearance On “Master In The House”

ITZY made a surprise appearance on the show and no one was expecting it.

For any fan, meeting your favorite idol would be a wonderful and unforgettable experience but it could also bring on a serious case of shyness. But it isn’t just fans who can get shy around idols, even other celebrities can too!


Park Jin Young was recently the master on SBS‘s Master in the House. During the episode, Park Jin Young shared a meal together with the cast before they all headed off for a tour of JYP Entertainment‘s brand-new building.


Then everyone was hit with a huge surprise, a visit to ITZY! They ended up in the dance studio where ITZY was currently practicing and the special surprise came with a whole lot of shock. It was so surprising that Lee Seung Gi couldn’t help cracking a joke!

“I should have fixed myself up before coming.”

— Lee Seung Gi


The shy awkwardness from the four cast members continued even after the initial shock when production staff suggested the four cast members greet ITZY with their unique group introduction. At first, there were protests…

“No, no, we can’t! It’s too embarrassing! That introduction is something we only do for our masters.”

— Lee Sang Yoon and Yang Se Hyung


But eventually, they caved and did it anyway!


Although Park Jin Young hadn’t been very shy before, as soon as they did their greeting he became incredibly shy. His face hiding was likely due to some very strong secondhand embarrassment but at least the ITZY members seemed to enjoy the embarrassing moment!


At least we know that even famous celebrities can get shy around their favorite artists too!