Fans Are Praising ITZY’s Ryujin Specifically This Comeback For These Reasons

Her skills are no joke

ITZY‘s latest release, “WANNABE”, has been receiving a lot of praise. Their gorgeous visuals, self-empowering message, and sharp dance moves have captured the attention of many, and are making a lot of people new fans of the group.

However, one member in particular has been gaining a lot of attention for her presence and power.

Ryujin has always been a powerful dancer, but this comeback she seemed to be extra on fire, with her confident facials and smooth, flawless movements.

Fans are praising her visuals this era, too, saying that her short blue-black bob really suits her and her styling is on point. They claim she’s pulling off the concept for this comeback incredibly well. Here’s what some anonymous fans are saying online.

“She’s so cool, you can’t help but fall for her if you watch the MV.. ㅠ”

“I only knew about ITZY as a group name and their songs, but after watching the MV, I knew about Ryujin”

“Me too, she’s the one who stands out the most and her expressions are so good, she’s also a good dancer”

“I seriously fell for her at the intro shoulder dance”

“Ryujin unnie….Unnie is too cool ㅠㅜㅠ”

Fans also spoke up on Twitter praising Ryujin’s skills this comeback.

Keep killing it, Ryujin!