ITZY Attempted An “ICY” Blindfold Challenge And Rocked It Like The Queens They Are

Blindfold dance challenges are tough, but ITZY did it flawlessly!

One of the hardest challenges any K-Pop group can be given is to perform their song blindfolded. After all, when they’re blindfolded each member has to make sure they take just the right steps or else they’ll run into their other members!


Even some of the most experienced idols have faced some difficulties with the challenge, let alone rookies, but ITZY recently took the challenge given to them by OSEN, they definitely proved they are true “monster rookies.”


From the moment they started their challenge, ITZY were perfectly in synch and were executing all their moves flawlessly.


As they continued to dance, it seemed like they simply were having an average, everyday dance practice as they continued to deliver on all their moves!


Even with a few close calls and missteps, they quickly fixed any problems and continued to perform like total bosses!


From beginning to end, they continued to dominate and when it was time to choose someone to face any sort of consequences for making a few missteps…


They had to decide with a game of rock, paper, scissors because they all performed so flawlessly!


With ITZY breezing through the blindfold challenge like it was the simplest thing ever, it’s really no wonder they’ve earned the monster rookie title!