Fans Have Discovered ITZY’s Lia Is A Real Disney Princess

We stan a true Disney princess!

Thanks to their talents, visuals, spunky-sweet personalities, and regal air many idols it’s not uncommon for idols to get compared to Disney princes and princess. What is downright rare is finding out that your favorite idol is seriously a real-life Disney princess!


ITZY‘s Lia doesn’t just have a sweet voice that can make hearts melt or visuals that are pure magic just like our favorite Disney princess, she actually is one!


Fans have recently discovered an old clip featured on Korea Disney Channel showcasing a whole bunch of talented younger kids performing classic Disney songs and among those performers is Lia!


The clip is from 2016  and originally advertised the channel’s Theater Disney’s Best OST Special. Although the short clip wasn’t even a minute long, it included a number of songs from beloved Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Frozen.


Which is where Lia came in! Lia turned on her full Elsa charm as she lent her fairytale beauty and amazing skills to Frozen‘s “Let It Go”!

Lia’s voice can also be heard singing along to some of the other amazing songs too!


Since fans found the clip they’ve been absolutely shocked, not because they can’t believe that Lia is an actual Disney princess, but because they only found out about it now!


Check out the full Disney princess moment below!