ITZY’s Lia Snuck Into Yeji And Ryujin’s Self Cam And Went Wild Behind Them

Lia was just doing her own thing behind them:

A good photobomber knows the perfect moment to slide into a picture but the best can even use those skills to sneak into a video without anyone knowing and ITZY‘s Lia is definitely one of the best!

In the latest episode of ITZY? ITZY!, MIDZY were taken behind-the-scenes of their time at the Seoul Music Awards. While backstage, Ryujin and Yeji started a self cam together and while things started off pretty normal with Ryujin and Yeji talking and showing their new phone wallpaper…

Soon a wild Lia made her appearance! While Ryujin and Yeji carried on as normal, Lia began grooving out in the background and just having some serious fun.

After a while, Lia changed positions to give everyone an even better view of her hilarious antics and soon enough Yeji finally realized that someone was dancing behind them. Although the camera angle made it impossible for Yeji and Ryujin to see who it was…

Someone is dancing behind us!

— Yeji

It didn’t take them long at all to guess who the dancing machine was!

Who are you? Is it Lia? Lia!

— Ryujin

Witness Lia’s wild videobombing skills for yourself below: