ITZY Reveal How They Prep To Deliver Their Most Powerful Performance Every Single Time

ITZY revealed how they always bring their best performances:

From flawless choreography to showcasing their stunning vocals and rap skills, ITZY‘s performances are always high-energy and pure power. ITZY recently opened up about what kind of prep work they do to consistently bring such powerful performances and bring the best performances to MIDZY.

ITZY recently sat down with Young Hollywood to discuss their tour, favorite choreography, and more including how they prep for their explosive performances.

You guys have so many fans and you guys are such great performers and singers. How do you prep for those really powerful performances?

— Young Hollywood

Wanting to always bring the best performance for MIDZY, ITZY take their practices very seriously. They carefully consider every detail of their choreography and make sure every detail is on point even when practicing.

We really practice this so we can show a really good performance for our fans. First of all, we really think about the details of the choreographies. So I think we practice like that.

— Ryujin

To help them do this, ITZY films all of their practices! Filming their practice sessions not only allows them to carefully study all the details of their performance but it also lets them see their progress so they can always deliver perfect performances every time.

Yeah, and one of like the ways is, we actually film it a lot. Like all the time. Every time we practice we try filming it and then that way we can see the details like Ryujin said. And we can see the progress.

— Lia

There’s no doubt that ITZY’s hard work, practice, and love for MIDZY has definitely paid off because each and every one of their performances is pure fire. Hear more about ITZY’s performance prep and more below: