ITZY Shared Their First Impressions Of Each Other And They’re So Spot On

ITZY dished on their first impressions of each other:

From naming the coolest member to revealing who they want to collaborate with in the future, ITZY revealed it all during their fun Q&A session with tvN. Of course, ITZY didn’t just dish on which member was the funniest or who learned choreography the fastest, they also served up their first impressions of each other!

Image credit: @ITZYofficial


Each taking turns to reveal their first impression of the member sitting to their left, Yeji kicked things off by revealing that Lia looked a little cold at first. After seeing Lia’s dazzling smiling eyes, however, Yeji couldn’t help thinking she looked adorable!

Everyone had a cold look but had beautiful smiling eyes. So I thought that although they looked cold, they all look adorable.

— Yeji


When Lia met Ryujin for the first time, it was right after their first dance class and Lia is still struck by how pretty Ryujin looked then and now!

I remember that I met Ryujin for the first time after our dance class ended. She was pretty back then too. I remember she wore something that looked very boyish that day, a hoodie and shorts.

— Lia


Ryujin, meanwhile, recounted he first meeting with Chaeryeong and, true to her bubbly personality, Chaeryeong was ready to become fast friends with Ryujin at their very first meeting!

The first time that I went to our office to look around was also the day that I met Chaeryeong for the first time. She was excited to see me and told me that we’re the same age. I remember she was very kind.

— Ryujin


With her big eyes and maknae charms, on the other hand, Yuna left Chaeryeong with the impression of meeting a cute baby!

I remember Yuna looked like a baby when I first met her. Her eyes looked very big on that day.

— Chaeryeong


Yeji, meanwhile, was always meant to be the best leader around! Yuna revealed that from the moment she met Yeji, she was ready and willing to help Yuna!

Yeji… When I first met her I was alone in the vocal practice room. I was sitting down on the floor as I didn’t know what to do. But then she opened the door to the room and asked if I’d like her to take me around the office. I remember she kindly explained the system there to me.

— Yuna


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