ITZY’s Yeji Looked Fabulous And Flawless With Hair Down And MIDZY Can’t Get Enough

MIDZY are loving the look!

MIDZY love Yeji‘s signature ponytail and every time they see her wearing her space buns they melt. Not to mention all the half-up hairdos and other looks she’s pulled off flawlessly. There’s been one style, however, that fans haven’t gotten to see a whole lot of — her hair completely down!


Which is probably why everyone has been celebrating big when Yeji decided to let her hair flow down her back on the way to Music Bank.


On August 9, ITZY headed to Music Bank and had hearts melting left and right with all their fabulous looks. But the one look in particular that caught everyone’s attention was Yeji and her simple hairdo!


When fans saw the look, they were surprised, overjoyed, and completely in love!


Although Yeji definitely looks amazing no matter how she styles her hair…


The simple loose hair look is definitely worthy of being added to the list of Yeji’s legendary looks!