Korean MIDZY Organized A Whole Art Exhibition To Celebrate ITZY Yeji’s Birthday

And it was spectacular!

MIDZY have been planning different projects, events, and more to celebrate ITZY Yeji‘s birthday since the beginning of the month (and earlier). With Yeji’s birthday right around the corner on May 26, some MIDZY have already put their plans into action and including one fansite which organized and created an entire art exhibition featuring ITZY’s amazing leader!

Image: @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

To celebrate her birthday this year, the Yeji fansite @lunayeji opened up a whole exhibition dedicated to Yeji.

Image: @lunayeji/Twitter

The exhibition, called “The Luminarie”, opened up for two days at the Gallery Won in Seoul.

The entire art show featured photographs…

Image: @WinterFrame/Twitter
Image: @chibitzy/Twitter

And even moving pictures from the fansite.

Every detail down to the ticket design showed some serious love for Yeji.

Photocard, ticket, and wristband for the event. Image: @lunayeji/Twitter

Although the exhibit was only open for 2 days, MIDZY everywhere are falling for this particular birthday project and have been sending @lunayeji plenty of love for organizing and creating the event.

MIDZY all over the world, meanwhile, are getting ready to continue the celebrations with Yeji for her birthday on May 26.

Source: @lunayeji