Here’s How ITZY Yeji And Lia’s Opposite Personalities Brought Them Closer

“We both said that our personalities were polar opposites of one another.”

Although the friendship between ITZY‘s Yeji and Lia bloomed later because they rarely bumped into each other as trainees, the two shared how they became the closest of friends.

Because they weren’t friends as trainees, Lia and Yeji got to know each other when living together before their debut. Lia made a funny observation from back then, “That’s when I realized that we didn’t go well together. You were not my type.

Yeji agreed, “Actually, back then, if someone asked me to pick a member that was completely different from me, I would’ve picked Lia.” Lia thought the same, “Me too!

Yeji revealed that all of them were aware of it. She said, “We both said that our personalities were polar opposites of one another. Even our members said that our characteristics were different.

The longer they lived and grew together, the better they understood each other. Yeji added, “I think that we both naturally adjusted to one another.” Lia pointed out how their opposite personalities helped them accept each other for who they are, making both of them laugh.

We all lived different lives. So there had to be things that we couldn’t understand about one another. But it came to the point that when there are things that we don’t understand, we just leave it as is.

— Lia

Since they learned a lot from each other, they offered advice for anyone else who wants to do the same. Yeji answered, “If someone asked me how you can become closer with a friend, don’t try to understand. Just understand that the person is just who they are.

Although it’s enjoyable to have a friend who has a similar personality, there’s nothing like a friend whose differences challenge you to grow. In fact, Yeji noted that all of the members became closer from valuing their differences.


See Yeji and Lia laugh as they remember how they grew close and strengthened their bond.