ITZY’s Yeji Reveals If She Succeeded With Her 2020 Goal

Yeji gave a simple answer.

ITZY‘s Yeji is the “snack queen,” and she has spoken about her love of snacks many times.

ITZY’s Yeji | ITZY/YouTube

Yeji, however, shared in 2020 that her goal was to “eat less snacks.”

It’s been a year since Yeji said this, and she recently shared if she succeeded with her goal. In ITZY’s guest appearance in Big Picture, Yeji was asked about her 2020 goal.

| Arcade Pang/YouTube

Yeji suggested that she did not succeed with her goal, as she said, “You think (I succeeded)?

| Arcade Pang/YouTube

Yuna then asked Yeji what the “most addictive snack” is, and Yeji was unable to answer since there are so many snacks that she likes.

| Arcade Pang/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!