ITZY’s Yuna Received A Big Surprise After Realizing She Had An Audience For Her “Let It Go” Performance

Yuna had just let out her inner Elsa:

ITZY‘s Yuna isn’t afraid of letting out her inner Elsa, especially when it means she gets to sing “Let It Go” from Disney‘s “Frozen”. And while she isn’t afraid to let others see her Elsa shine, when she decided to perform it for her members while backstage at Gayo Daejeon, she was not prepared for the extra audience members she got!


In the latest episode of ITZY? ITZY!, which took fans on a behind-the-scenes look at all the fun ITZY had at Gayo Daejeon, they were grabbing a bite to eat when Yuna suddenly recognized the song currently being played on the sound system!


With “Let It Go” currently blasting through the system, Yuna’s immediate reaction, of course, was to start singing and dancing along!


As Yuna twirled her way around the room, she noticed some stairs behind her and quickly danced her way to the top…


Just in time for her full transformation into Elsa as the song reached the chorus…and the realization that there was a whole new audience of people at the top of the steps!

There are people there!

— Yuna


After quickly escaping down the stairs in embarrassment, Yuna decided there was no going back this Elsa! Soon she was finishing off her performance with a coat-sweeping flourish that had her members cracking up hard!


Although Yuna may have gotten a big surprise when she discovered she had an extra-large audience at the top of the steps, Elsa Yuna was absolutely flawless! See all of the Elsa magic as well as more ITZY fun below: