ITZY’s Yuna Stuns With Her Tiny Waist And Hourglass Figure

Visual queen!

ITZY‘s Yuna has always been known for her visuals. At her debut with “DALLA DALLA”, she made waves for her stunning red hair and ability to pull it off.

She was so iconic that her fancam for “DALLA DALLA” received over 7 million views!

While she continued to showcase her growth over the years, her visual has also continued to rise. In fact, some fans believe that she’s reaching her second peak with her black hair. She recently updated her group’s Instagram with a mirror selfie. Her face was beautiful but what caught the eye of many was her tiny waist.


This isn’t the first time her waist had snatched all of our wigs. Her small waist and curvy waist make her look like an absolute bombshell.

Fans are also happy to see the girl gaining more muscle over the years. In previous comebacks, they were slightly alarmed by her weight.

As Yuna is naturally skinny and athletic, it must have been difficult for her to build muscle. We love her effort to stay healthy!

2022 is definitely going to be Yuna’s year!