ITZY Tried Not To Tease Yuna About Her Unique Sleeping Habit But It Was Impossible

They couldn’t resist:

After completing their fun Q&A session with tvN where they dished on their first impressions of each other, ITZY moved onto spilling all of their interesting habits including Yuna‘s unique sleeping habit. And while they tried their hardest not to tease her about it, well, it was a losing battle!


Naming the habit for the person on their right, Yeji was tasked with naming Yuna’s habit and immediately knew which one she should talk about. That, however, proved a challenge in and of its own! While Yeji tried her hardest to phrase it in just the right way as not to embarrass the maknae…

Yuna… There are times she would stare at me while she’s asleep. Sometimes, she doesn’t even remember doing it.

— Yeji


Lia stepped in and made sure everyone knew what Yuna’s real sleeping habit was!

Lia: You’re saying that she sleeps with her eyes open right?

Chaeryeong: It’s because her eyes are big.



And once her habit of sleeping with her eyes open had been fully exposed, well, it was hard for ITZY not to tease her a little about it! Yeji pointed out that they’ve tried to explain it to her but she just doesn’t understand…

She has big eyes, but she doesn’t understand when we explain it to her. There are times when she sleeps while staring at someone or something.

— Yeji


While Ryujin had everyone bursting into laughter when she talked about making eye contact with the sleeping Yuna!

When I look down, I can see Yuna staring at me!

— Ryujin


Luckily for Yuna, she got to tease her unnies right back about their unique habits too! Check out more of their TMI session below: