A Bug Once Invaded ITZY Yuna’s Live Broadcast And Her Reaction Was Too Cute

She had to call for some help!

Throughout time, several idols have has the most hilarious reactions to bugs and animals and ITZY’s Yuna is one of them!

During a past live broadcast, Yuna chatted with her fans as normal. While having a casual conversation with her viewers, Yuna suddenly screamed with a terrified look on her face as she saw a bug right by where she was sitting.

Yuna got up and got up from her chair and put down her phone while saying, “I’m really sorry. Hold on, please wait” to her viewers and quickly turned on the lights!

When Yuna spotted the bug she informed everyone and pointed the camera at the bug for the viewers to see. Yuna then clarified that the bug was a centipede, also known as a “Money bug” in Korea.

Apparently, the same type of bug was discovered by Ryujin before inside their dorm bathroom. Yuna shared, “She (Ryujin) found the money bug friend in our dorm.

Luckily, ITZY’s manager came in to save the day and killed the bug for Yuna! Following the bug’s death, Yuna carried on with her live broadcast.

Source: Naver TV