ITZY’s Yuna Imitates Her Members’ On-Stage Expressions And The Resemblance Is On Point

She is a master of all expressions!

ITZY recently appeared on Knowing Bros, and the band and hosts discussed Yuna‘s amazing facial expressions during their performances! In particular, host Kang Ho Dong explained that she is a master of copying her bandmates’ expressions.

To prove her skills, Yuna went through all of her members and tried to replicate their on-stage expressions! She started with Chaeryeong.

Chaeryeong has a bit of a vibe. The aura is a bit sexy.

— Yuna

On the other hand, Yuna points out that Lia is all about smiling and radiating energy whenever she performs.

When it came to Ryujin, Yuna explained that it was all about the placement of her chin and even said it might look “a bit arrogant.”

Finally, when it came to Yeji, Yuna thought that she sometimes looked a bit scary on stage because of the sharpness of her moves.

After years of training, performing, and living together, is it any surprise that Yuna knows her members so well!

You can watch the whole clip below!

Source: FI