IU Shed Tears While Making a Wish for Her 11th Debut Anniversary

Happy 11th debut anniversary, IU!

IU recently shared a video on her official Instagram account along with the caption, “What’s going on here? I feel like only my outfit changed since 1 year ago.

The video shows IU celebrating her 11th debut anniversary through a surprise event.

IU’s staff must have prepared the event because IU was seen looking very surprised in the shared video.

IU, who is well-known to not cry very easily, even showed some tears as she confessed, “I really didn’t expect this.

After repeating, “I’m so touched“, IU looked at the candles on the cake and wished, “I hope our IU team stays healthy, stays happy, and gets along well in our 11th year together.

Check out the full video below:

Source: Insight